Notes from Rome Articles published in The Italian Insider Newspaper based in Rome and in The St. Austin Review Magazine, South Bend, Indiana.

Articles Published at the Italian Insider Newspaper, Rome http://www.italianinsider.it/?q=taxonomy/term/2&page=5


Sacred Art and ModernismA Christian Response to Bad Art

Looking over Michelangelo’s Shoulder as He Carves Marble


Rome’s extravagant celebration of Caravaggio — How can we know another man’s death.

Caravaggio Speaks to the Modern Age June 20, 2012

Caravaggio on the Run in Malta

Caravaggio’s Raising of Lazarus

Caravaggio and the Marilyn Elvis Syndrome-  Only the good die young.

Caravaggio, The Interview  

Interview with Saint Peter, the Art of Martyrdom 

Attacks on Caravaggio I saw him there in the street, the narrow street, Via del Leone, June 4, 2012

Caravaggio, Saints and Sinners- Caravaggio painted sinners as saints.           

Caravaggio, the most Unlikely Candidate

 Caravaggio and the Aesthetics of Meaning- Caravaggio is the antidote to Conceptual Art.          September 27,

Caravaggio, Rembrandt, and Vermeer, not just realists-  Caravaggio used light to tell the story.   September 6  


Who is Saint Matthew for Caravaggio         August 7, 2012, revised June 2, 2018

 Another Bogus Caravaggio Discovery         July 10,  2012 

Tranquillo Caravaggio, the Town                 June 26, 2012

Sacred Art and the Theology of the Body, Caravaggio,  http://www.italianinsider.it/?q=node/2843

Sacred Art and The Theology of the Body, Part One, Caravaggio  related- Exhibition at Ave Maria University, 2015,

Caravaggio Borrows from Michelangelo     December 18, 2011


Michelangelo in Rome                         November 15, 2011 

Michelangelo in Rome II  

Carving Marble by the Michelangelo Quarry in Carrara      Summer 2014

A Lost Michelangelo, don’t get your hopes up                         July 18, 2012


The first article published by The Italian Insider Newspaper-

Capeman II: Papal Statue not Improved — November, 20, 2012 “Well said”.- M.P., “Great Article”-C.S., P.A.

The Annunciation, Ave Maria

Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. as Mao                              February 2012

Art Mysteries Solved, a Leonardo, a Michelangelo, and a Raphael       October 11

Moor Fountain in Piazza Navona vandalized                                             September 6

My Art of the Blessed Virgin   feature article , Fenestrae Coeli, Saint Austin Review, January/February 2012 Does God Have a Face

http://www .italianinsider.it/?q=node/3201                                   February 13, 2013

Sacred Art and The Theology of the Body

Sacred Art   

American Views of the Amanda Knox Verdict                       November 3

The Roman Forum                                                              June 8, 2012

March 23, 2016 I wrote this short piece yesterday for John and Ashley in Rome who produce Voice of the Vatican,

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Emancipation Memorial

The Postmodern Pope                                                                                                       March 18    My favorite.- JS

Pope Francis                                                                                    

Pope Francis and Caravaggio

Choosing a Pope