Vecchia Family Marble Restoratio


Vecchia Family Marble Restoration Project


Existing Angel wing parts. New wing parts needed. Done

















Cleaning– The angels will be carefully cleaned by hand. I will supervise power washing with water of the large, in place, sculpture.



 Cleaning- Done





















Epoxying broken parts together- Done


 The White Angel had to be attached to his legs and base.

 I have made clay templates of the missing parts and will sculpt the new wing parts from white Carrara Marble. This is the trickiest and most labor intensive part of the entire restoration. It requires all the tools and equipment, clamps, work benches, diamond cutting tools, die grinders, fine carving tools and power sanders and shapers.



Attach new marble wing parts– with very strong new epoxy. Larger pieces will have rust resistant metal pins for added strength. The joints will be sealed for protection from weather damage and appearance. Final sculpting of the new parts to flow with the existing wing portions will be done after the pieces are glued together.





Whole new wing needed-Done


Clay shapes were made in clay so marble blocks could be cut for new wing parts-Done



Attaching new marble blocks for wings-Done









Blocks on new wings need extensive grinding for shaping- Done




One Angel complete, – Done, only fine sanding and cleaning left


Angel on the right has marble attached for wings. The shapes of those wings will match the completed wings of the angel on the left. Estimated time one week or less, cutting with diamond blade, grinding, and finishing. 8-2-2019.

Surface pitting from acid rain is visible.



Marble is calcium carbide, a base, that can be attacked by acid. Masons use muriatic acid which is industrial grade hydrochloric acid to clean bricks and cement, it should not be used to clean marble.  Marble can be cleaned with soap and water followed by lots of rinsing. Power washing is OK if done with care. Marble should be sealed from moisture to prevent corrosion from acid rain. Cracks need filling and sealing, expansion of ice in cracks can destroy marble.

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