Laura Ferguson was a very old parishioner of the parish in 1992 










And about the sait

Risen Christ, Imperial Danby Vermont Marble, life size,

The sculpture is a RisenChrist part of a permanent Architectural element at Saint Zepherins Church.


Saint Zepherins Church is where I grew up. He was Pope Zephyrinus from 217 to 222 when he was martyred. He is buried in the Roman Catacomb of Saint Callistus in a room with Saint Cornelius Pope from 250 to 253. Cornelius only lasted three years. In an imaginary interview I had with Saint Peter about Martyrdom I was asking him about his expression being cricified upside down in the Caravaggio painting.

 I included this –

He (St Peter)continued, “So to conclude about martyrdom. Do you know that all but two, of the fifty two of my immediate successors as Bishop of Rome are saints, most were martyrs?”

I was proud to say, “I know, someone gave me a piece of paper on the street in 2005 with a list of all the popes. Typed in at the bottom was the name of the new pope. I have kept that list. It is well worn, I will tell you how I used it. Some years ago I did tours of the Vatican Museums. There was another docent who was saying that the museums were all about propaganda and the Church reifying its power. I was not content to read the interpretations of historians of what the place was about. I hoped that I could know for myself the reality behind the grand collection and the buildings. The key was the paper that I had saved. The place is built over the grave of the fisherman, you, and on the blood of the martyrs. When I showed it to visitors they noticed the capital “M”, for martyr, after the names of the first popes, thirty three of them, often in office for a short time. Pope Cornelius made it for three years before he was murdered. I continued, Caravaggio painted many martyrdoms.”



The letter below is from 90 something year old Cochituate native Laura Ferguson. I think I remember her from church and went to school with her Granddaughter.