Winona, Double Portrait, limited edition lithograph printed by the artist, 22×30″ Arches Cover paper.

It has been said that Picasso deconstructed style. I have deconstructed mediums.

 When I am carving marble I do it for months at a time and often think about it in my sleep. The same with painting, etching, and drawing lithographs. I  want to push the medium until it breaks.

This lithograph is an example of that. After mastering the technique of drawing on the litho stone and printing it myself, I wanted to find the essence of that process. Lithography works because of the repulsion of oil and water. Bavarian limestone accepts a greasy crayon for the drawing. The stone is then wet with a sponge, then, when ink is rolled on the stone it only adheres to the greasy part and is repelled by the water. In this print I was not content to just leave the drawing so I poured a solvent on the stone to dissolve the drawing and then flooded it with water. The result is a graphically dynamic expression of the physics at work in the process. In this case the structure of the drawing was not lost.