Notes from Rome  The articles were published in The Italian Insider Newspaper based in Rome


Rome’s Extravagant Celebration of Caravaggio                                                                                         published July 11, 2011

Caravaggio and the Marilyn Elvis Syndrome-  Only the good die young.                                 July 25 

Caravaggio Reveals Himself- The most unlikely candidate                                                      August 3 

Caravaggio, Saints and Sinners- Caravaggio painted sinners as saints.                                       August 13  

Caravaggio, the Interview- My art, it is oil paint on canvas, and I put it on with these hands.                 August 25  

Caravaggio, Rembrandt, and Vermeer, not just realists-  Caravaggio used light to tell the story.   September 6      

Caravaggio and the Aesthetics of MeaningCaravaggio is the antidote to Conceptual Art.              September 27, 2011

My Interview with Saint Peter, the Art of Martyrdom                                                    November 3

Caravaggio Borrows from Michelangelo                                                                        December 18


Art in a Catholic University                                                  November 2010

Papa Wojtyla as Capeman                                                            June 30, 2011

A Lost Michelangelo, don’t get your hopes up                                July 18

Moor Fountain in Piazza Navona vandalized                                  September 6 

Art Mysteries Solved, a Leonardo, a Michelangelo, and a Raphael   October 11                              

American Views of the Amanda Knox Verdict                               November 3

Michelangelo in Rome                                                                 November 15

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