Sacred Art   Cornelius Sullivan

I made some paintings with the idea that you were there in the crowd, a witness, that these events were in Revelation, part of human history. 

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   Descent from the Cross, oil, 16" x 20".


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Loaves and Fishes, oil, 5 x 8'.


Saint Michael the Archangel, oil, 3 x 5', 2011.

The painting is a representation of the vision seen by Pope Gregory the Great and hundreds of pilgrims as they processed from the Basilica of Saint Mary Major through the streets of Rome toward Saint Peter's Basilica carrying an icon of the Virgin Mary, Holy Mary, Protectress of the Roman People, Santa Maria Solus Populi Romani, believed to have been painted by Saint Luke.  Saint Michael dressed in the armor of a Roman soldier, is returning his bloodied sword to the scabbard, signifying that the plague of 590 AD would end. Emperor Hadrian's Tomb has since been called Castel Sant'Angelo.

The miraculous vision of the archangel was commemorated by a chapel dedicated to St. Michael built atop the mausoleum and later by a statue of the angel placed atop the chapel. Pope Gregory's vision was never forgotten. It was confirmed by a similar miracle marking the end of the Black Death of 1348."   

Information is from a history of some apparitions of Saint Michael the Archangel at Castel Sant'Angelo from The History and Decoration of Pont S Angelo, Mark Weil, 1974, The Pennsylvania State University Press: 

 F. H. Dudden, Gregory the Great, London, 1905.



Angel of Plenty, 46" x 38", 2008. 



Abortion, oil on canvas, I had thought that a reason a women might have an abortion is because the act is hidden. In the painting the mother is turning away and the horse is blindfolded.

 About Abortion Pope Benedict has said "We must use our eyes." in Christianity and the Crisis of Cultures, p 65. Ignatius Press, 2006.


Pieta, marble.

Madonna and Child, Carrara Marble, 11 feet high, Conyers Georgia, 1998,

carved in Pietrasanta, Italy.

Madonna and Child, marble, life size, Our Lady of the Holy Rosary Church, Miami, FL.

Risen Christ, Marble, life size, Saint Zepherinus Church, Cochituate, Massachusetts.

Our Lady Shelter From The Storm, marble, life size, collection of Our Lady of the Holy Rosary Church, Miami, FL.

Altar and Crucifix

 Hanging Crucifix, wood, nine feet by nine feet., collection of Our Lady of the Holy Rosary Church, Miami, FL

In his homily at Our Lady of the Holy Rosary Church on September 9th, 2001, Archbishop John C. Favalora said of this corpus, " His body has become the cross."

Altar and Crucifix, wooden crucifix, 9' x 9', altar is terra cotta panels set into a three ton block of Florida's indigenous coral rock, 1996, Our Lady of the Holy Rosary Church, Miami, Florida.





Pieta, Carrara Marble, life size, 2006-2018


Dome of Saint Peter's Basilica, pencil, 12" x 17".


Madonna and Child, pencil, 1982, 11" x 14", collection of the Artist.


Double Image, Turin Shroud Head and Crucifixion, ink and wash.


Drawing Saint Cecilia  

Drawing the Stephano Maderno marble sculpture of Saint Cecilia, Basilica of Saint Cecilia, Rome, 2011.

From Caravaggio, A Life by Helen Langdon, p-162


Santa Cecilia, conte and pencil, 2011, collection of the artist.


Drawing of Blessed Ludavica Albertoni after the marble by Bernnini, San Francisco a Ripa Church, Rome.


Drawings rom the Life of Christ   

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Miracle at Cana                                               Baptism of Jesus by John the Baptist


Jesus Calling Saint Peter                                  Jesus and the Woman Taken in Adultery


Jesus Washing the Feet of the Disciples             Jesus Before Pilot


Carrying the Cross                                                           Crucifixion


Three Crosses                                              Supper at Emaas